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The WhoKnows Variety Show in Calgary

Updated: May 9

Dan Duguay of Dan the One Man Band is the host of a cabaret style show
Dan Duguay Hosts a variety show every month.

I started hosting a variety show at the Ironwood Stage and Grill in Calgary in January 2017. Who better to curate a variety show than a musician who has been working with variety entertainers for over 3 decades? I always find it odd when people don't know what a variety show is. I usually describe it to people as such: If you're old I say "it's like Ed Sullivan" If you're not old I say "it's like America's Got Talent".

Each month I gather musical and non-muscal act to come give the audience 20 minutes of material. I encourage the artists to take risks and have fun. The audiences are always attentive and keen.

We've had so many wonderful acts on the show over the years. Fun fact,

on the very first show we had magician Carissa Hendrix, musician Mitch Belot and poetry/music from Midnight Yoga for Alcoholics.

Calgary singer and one-man band perform on Ironwood Stage
Heather Cole sings with Dan the One Man Band

I can attest, Calgary is not short on talent. We've had fine musical performances by Mariya Stokes, Amy Bishop, Ann Vriend, Jory Kinjo, Ralph Boyd Johnson, and Troy Kokol to name a few. Great vaudevillians such as James Jordan, Skyler Snowden, and Jason Melnychuk

Cool Magicians like Malcolm Russell, Atsushi Ono and Ryan Pilling

Circus acts including Kate Ryan, Sandra Sommerville, Lindsay Istace and Dean Bareham. Comedians such as Cory Mack, Connor Christmas and Amy Edgar

NOTE: This is but a sample of the crazy good entertainers we've had on.

It's called The WhoKnows Variety Show, because each show is uniquely different. You can never be sure what's going to happen from one show to the next.

Variety shows are great for the new age of short attention spans. Each act is on for a short bit, so it's difficult to get bored. If you don't paticularly love an act, don't worry, the next one is not far away! There's something for everyone and it's all ages. Every act is family friendly (We aim for PG-13) and young people are definitely welcome. There's not many live shows that welcome teenagers during weekdays. The show runs from 7:30pm to 9:30pm so it's not too late for a school night.

The Ironwood Stage is a great venue in the heart of the Music Mile. If you don't know it, that's Calgary's 9th Avenue SE that is populated with many venues offering live music any night of the week in Inglewood.

There are lots of regulars. Probably because they know where to find a fun night out that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. (cover charge is $15). The Ironwood offers reasonably priced food and drinks.

If you're in Calgary, come check out this cool little show, It's guranteed to be entertaining.

Watch this video from a Nigerian band that came on the show in January 2024:

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