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Dan's Rockin' Roadside Show

Since June 1990, Dan the One Man Band has been playing a multitude of instruments simultaneously and singing fun songs in a unique way.

Dan has performed at a countless number of fairs , festivals and events over the course of his career. His family show is fun, spontaneous, infectious and delicious. Dan and the band have a gift for making a fun event feel more like fun, fun, fun!!!! 


Dan is fully equipped to perform anywhere you need him; At the end of your driveway, on the sidewalk, in a corner of your backyard, or in the middle of a field. Dan is portable and happy to make people smile.

Music has a way of

making people feel good. Now is a good time to make people feel good

Dan the One Man Band has your safety in mind, and will make you feel good while staying safe.


Dan using his new Physical Distancing Apparatus

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