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The WhoKnows Variety Show

A monthly variety show at the Ironwood Stage & Grill!

The WhoKnows Variety Show is hosted and produced by Dan Duguay. On (USUALLY) the last Tuesday of each month, Dan presents different Alberta artists, groups and a myriad of performers. Past shows have had music, magic, poetry, clowning, spinning plates, comedy & CAUTION TAPE!  

Dan's one-man band is always there and ready for action. 

 It is a fast-paced show that is perfect for the YouTube generation. Everyone is welcome including teenagers and people who are easily distracted.

 The evening starts at 7:30pm and usually ends around 10pm.  

 WhoKnows is the name of the show because you never know who you’ll see or what they’ll do.

 Tickets are $15 and will be added to your bill. Reservations are encouraged!


Dan's mixture of music and variety make him a perfect host for this type of show. Calgary's Avenue Magazine recommended The WhoKnows Variety as "an excellent night out for those on a budget."

What to know about The WhoKnows Variety Show:

  • Show starts at 7:30pm

  • Tickets are $15 or $20

  • Guests are different each show

  • Dan Duguay is always the host

  • It will have comedy

  • It will be entertaining

  • Usually the last Tuesday of the month.

  • You can reserve tickets by calling 403 269-5581

Other things...


  • If you are interested in showing off some skills on the Ironwood Stage. Send us a video link to what you do. We are always looking for talented people to give the spotlight to.

  • We are seeking sponsors. If interested, please contact our director of sponsorship, Dan Duguay.

  • Dan can be reached at 403 615-0438 or email at

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