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  • Dan Duguay

I Like to Ride my Bike

Last year I released my first recording with young people in mind. It was no quick task, as I spent the last decade working on it, on and off. On the record, there are songs about healthy eating, screen addiction, creating and imagination. All the while I was creating the record, I knew I wanted to have a song that depicted my love of the bike ride. I've spent my whole life pursuing the pleasures of bike riding. As a child, it was my freedom, my main mode of transportation and my favourite physical activity in the spring and summer months. As an adult, I've always had a bicycle, and when I could, I've use it to get around and as a way to get exercise. I would often take my bike on tours with me, as I found it the best way to experience a new town or city. I love the smells you get when you're on your bike, It also allows you to explore areas you couldn't in a vehicle or you wouldn't if you were walking. I love the way I feel after a long bike ride.

Since the pandemic, I have been biking almost everyday. I don't have a fancy bike by any stretch, (Any nice bike I've had has been stolen, so I gave up on that). It would seem, no matter my mood, once I get on my bike, I can't help but smile and be happy. I love urban biking. Getting out in the neighbourhoods and seeing the humanity. The pandemic has also made the roads less busy to car traffic, which has been great! I smile and acknowledge everyone I pass. This summer, I've cycled the 1A (Bow Valley Parkway), Glenbow Ranch, Provincial Park, Weaslehead (many times), around the Glenmore Reservoir, Nose Hill Park, Up and down the Bow River as well as countless neighbourhoods around where I live. I've taken quite a few friends on bike rides. I've imagined myself as a tour guide and labelled my company as "Dan's Rogue Ride Bicycle Tours".

 Covid 19 has allowed me to discover my city and province like I never have in the 25 years I have lived here. Most summers I would be travelling to various fairs and festivals. (In fact I was supposed to be in Armstrong BC right now for the Interior Provincial Exhibition, but of course it was cancelled). So I'm not gearing up for a fall schedule of performing in schools. I'm figuring out ways that I can get my music out to young people, because that's really to whom I want to be performing. I want to encourage young people to get out on their own bikes. I want to play and sing and make people laugh. It's what I've done my whole adult life, and it's what I aim to do, once we can get together again.

Until then, I'll be out riding my bike.

Have a listen to the song I wrote about my favourite pass time. Special thanks to Shaye Zadravec for lending her beautiful harmonies and wonderful tap dancing to this track!

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1 Comment

Sep 11, 2020

Simply delightful - and I wonder if Shaye knows Slim Gaillard’s work...

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