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  • Dan Duguay

Full Time Artist

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Here we are! After spending the last 3 1/2 years working for a tech start up company, I'm back to tooting my own horn as a full time one-man band. I'm very excited about getting back at it. The pandemic was a very difficult time for me, as it was soo strange to have a job that you've done for 30 years become completely irrelevant overnight.

Dan the One Man Band is such a part of my identity, of course I went through an existential crisis! I was grateful to have employment from a tech company, but I was definitely out of my element. I learned a ton, and will be bringing some of the business skills I learned, back to my arts practice. It's a different world out there, and I am keen to put smiles on peoples faces, and get them singing and dancing. It's a challenging time, but we still have to have fun right? I hope to see you out there this spring and summer. Please connect with me so I know who's out there and who's paying attention to the band. LOL

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