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  • Dan Duguay

Tooting my Own Horn

I guess a one-man band has to toot his own horn. No one else will. We're used to doing everthing ourselves. That's what I've always done... From Street Performer Festivals to Fairs and Exhibitions, to Children's Festivals to Corporate Events, I get paid to toot my own horn. Pretty good way to go through this world. I feel fortunate and grateful.

It's a challenge living a humble life and tooting your own horn at the same time. It's all about balance.

BALANCING ACT: Sometimes this, sometimes that. Aren't we all that way? Yes.

I find the balance between being an entertainer and a family man. History tells me that those two professions often don't mix well. They both are time intensive activities. BALANCING ACT.

I'm extremely happy to consider myself a successful husband and father. My wife and I go back a loooong time! We've been raising our two offspring since 2001! As an entertainer based in Calgary, I like to work locally as much as I can. Calaway Park is an example of a great supporter of the band. I've performed there multiple dates throughout the spring and summer, every years for a long time. It's a nice 20 minute commute from home.

Usually in show business, travel is involved, and a one-man band has to do all the driving! Luckily, I've always loved to travel. I received a degree in Anthropology from Carleton University in Ottawa because I loved armchair travelling to different places! I love new experiences!

This spring I'll be travelling to the Northern Alberta International Children's Festival in St. Albert, Alberta. I'll also travel to many Fairs and Exhibitions I have lining up in my schedule. The band is excited to be going to Yellowknife in July for the Ramble and Ride Festival! First time the band has been to Yellowknife in the summer. Haven't been there since the Frostbite Festival, which happens in March. I'll keep you posted on my going ons. I plan on tooting my own horn here often. It can be a lonely life as a one-man band, so check back in and let me know how you're dong with your balancing. Feel free to toot your own horn if you can!

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