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Elf Season

As an elf, you can imagine it can be a pretty hectic time of year. It is a test of endurance. It’s the time when all the training is put to the test. Danny the One Elf Band is one silly elf.

In the summer, doing multiple shows a day for multiple days is a given. When you are at the Fairs and Festivals, that is part of the deal.

The longest run I ever did was at the Pacific Nation Exhibition for 17 days straight doing 3 shows a day. That was a test in stamina.

Most fairs I attend are multiple days. You are able to settle in to the rhythm of the event, establish your place, soak up the atmosphere.

ELF SEASON is different. It is multiple shows over multiple days, but the shows are “one offs”. In/Out, travelling from one place to the next. You have to plan your time getting from gig to gig.

“Make sure you have alotted enough time to get to the next one! No traffic jams PLEASE!”

When you are one guy doing all the jobs; strategizing, organizing, driving, deciding, coordinating, trouble shooting, entertaining, acting, directing, staring… I can only say, I love when it all goes according to plan.

I’ve coming to the end of 15 shows in 17 days. Knock on wood, this elf season has been one of my most joyous


I love being an elf. I wear the suit with honour. I am full of "elf esteem".


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