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  • Dan Duguay

Top 10 Reasons to hire Calgary entertainer Dan the One Man Band:

10. You know the whole band is going to show up.

9. Dan provides great family friendly entertainment.

8. Dan has years of experience and is extremely adaptable.

7. A great Calgary entertainer for your Stampede breakfast.

6. Dan's vast repertoire of music can suit almost any occasion.

5. Dan is a Calgary icon and known thoughout Western Canada.

4. Dan is self contained. He brings all his own equipment.

3. Dan has performed at countless events and always does a great job.

2. Dan is a super nice guy who goes above and beyond to satisfy his clients.

And the number 1 reason to hire Dan for your special event...

He'll make your event memorable. Everyone remembers Dan the One Man Band once they've seen him.

Give him a call and see if it would be a good fit for your next event. Whether it's in Calgary, or anywhere in Alberta, BC or Saskatchewan.

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