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Since June 1990, Dan the One Man Band has been playing a multitude of instruments simultaneously and singing fun songs in a unique way.

Dan has performed at a countless number of fairs , festivals and events over the course of his career. His family show is fun, spontaneous, infectious and delicious. Dan and the band have a gift for making a fun event feel more like fun, fun, fun!!!! 


At a Dan the One Man Band show, you can expect music, comedy, clapping, deadpan, dancing, silliness, tomfoolery, a fun and energizing experience AND some unexpected! Dan interacts and plays with his audience like few bands can.

Dan at the fair

Music has a way of

bringing people together and

making them feel good.

Dan the One Man Band

is excellent at making

both of those 

 things happen.

Performing as “Elvis the One Man Band” at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver.

Calgary Entertainer for hire



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